Monday, August 6, 2012

Stranger’s Smile

Your smile is like dazzling stars
 It seems you put me in heaven with your deceitful smile
 With lips as red as blooming roses
 You sweep me away with just a wink of your eye.

Yes! you are a stranger
 Yet your smile seems like a dagger
 With your rosy lips
 And a dimples on your cheeks

You alter my gloomy day
 Into a blissful day.
 Every night and then,

  I'm on my window pain
 Sighing upon the starry night,
              all I can see is your magnificent smile
 As I lay into my bed,
            with a pillow in my head
 Whenever I think of your smile,
            it vanish all my dreads in life.

 Oh! A wistful stranger smile
 You ease my sorrow and my heart knows no woe
 Yes! Your smile averts my sadness
 And you have flee me from gladness.

(Pa root lang! :) )

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