Saturday, July 14, 2012

Be Inspired!

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.


Information Digest is mini guide-book intended for the freshmen student here in Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST). This guide-book has been initiated by the Supreme Student Council (SSC) of the University. This is a useful tool in order for the freshmen will know more about the University’s Admin, Faculty, Policies, Services, Buildings, Organizations, Students’ Welfare and Rights, Activities and etc. SSC is so much intelligent to think about this. We are so honored and privileged, supposed to be but, it is not.  

SSC as officers acclaimed that they are the voice of the students. They will serve with selfless dedication to the students. The question now is, are their definitions to their organization fitted to their actions? I will leave you the question unanswered. Let yourself mirror the real happenings.

Freshmen paid thirty peso on the enrollment process for the mini guide-book or what they called Information Digest. The main purpose to that Information Digest is to guide freshmen and be free from ignorance about the University. So, it is understandable that this mini guide-book must be distributed right on the first day of the class. But, until now this so called Information Digest is still in the office of the SSC undistributed, their purpose has been defeated.

Thirty pesos to date is hard to find even a single penny. Now, reflect --- is SSC gives importance to any penny you paid through what they shown to us? Is SSC sincere to the welfare of the students? Even in the part of freshmen they cannot prove that they are capable of doing it.

MUSTean freshmen when are going to do your part? Are you just going to be deaf, to be mute and to be blind despite of that undesirable happening which crashed down your welfare?